The 5 Senses of Summer

Scents, songs and soft summer lounging, this month we have been diving in to explore the different sensory experiences of the season that we love the most. We have been talking to the lovely DS team to discover their current favourite scents, collecting our favourite tunes we've been working to and exploring fresh Summer recipes to share with friends & family (if they are lucky!)


The perks of working at Domestic Science is that we get to try and test all of the lovely perfumes, making us the best samplers of seasonal scents.

We’ve picked our favorites that capture the Summer season perfectly. From fresh citrus to lovely florals, these fragrances are light, refreshing, and perfect for the warm weather. Indulge in the scents of the season with our expertly chosen fragrances, crafted to enhance the summer experience with light, invigorating notes.

Who says holiday shopping shouldn't include a new fragrance...below are three picks from the fabulous team in Nailsworth!

Donna's Pick

Coastal Walks by Norfolk Living

Donna loves Coastal Walks because it perfectly captures the essence of a seaside stroll. It's bright, zesty top notes of bergamot and lemon make it really fresh and there's a musky undertone from the pine and patchouli that settles perfectly. The 10ml mini size is great for small bags at weddings or summer parties.

India's Pick

Fragrance 103 by Bon Parfumeur

This is India's summer pick because it's like a bottled European beach holiday. Fresh topnotes of bergamot and neroli which transition to a beautiful floral blend of Jasmine and Heliotrope make it the perfect holiday fragrance, it's light and fresh for daytime walks along the beach and transitions well into the warm nights.

Chloe's Pick

Ampersand Fragrance / Discovery

It couldn't be a fragrance pick without one of the team choosing an Ampersand scent... Chloe loves the Discovery scent for summer, its name is even reminiscent of explorations and jetsetting. The fragrance has notes of Orange Blossom and Mandarin, so it's sweet but not too fruity, there's a freshness to it that makes it Chloe's perfect summer spritz.


Imagine lying on a freshly mowed lawn, or surrounded by wildflowers in your local park or field, with the soft and squishy touch of a mattress to cushion you, surrounded by good food, good company and perhaps a nice glass of something refreshing... you've got the perfect summer picnic.

We've been loving the Summery touch of our mattress range so much that we decided to stock an all range, hand crafted with block printed styles in muted pastels and summery pinks. You can't help but give them a squish as you walk past them, hence their popularity in our stores, and their softness and comfort can most certainly withstand long lounges in the park or bums on benches during long outdoor dinner parties.

Mattresses for summer

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If like us, you find that having a summer soundtrack instantly gives you main character energy, then we've shared a few of our favourite songs that we've had on repeat in the office, in the Domestic Science shops and on evenings walks. Take inspiration for dinner party playlists or chuck these tunes on for your evening commute home in the sun.

Tom Misch - Cinnamon Curls

On repeat on summer evening drives!

Roy Ayers Ubiquity - Everybody Loves The Sunshine

As soon as the sun's out, this song comes on... it's a given.

Erykah Badu - Didn't Cha Know

Soulful tones for dinner parties!

Kruangbin - Hold Me Up (Thank You)

Holiday feels...


Whether it's long walks, visiting open gardens, or relaxing in the comfort of your own outdoor space we beleive that nature is the best form of play this Summer. Soak in the sights of lush green at Westonbirt, if you're local, or why not plan a last-min trip to the Cotswolds.


Whilst this place is usually synonymous with Autumn and it's vibrant colours, if you're in the mood for some tree therapy, or to just be surrounded by the lushness of summer green, Westonbirt is the place to go! Local to our Tetbury store, so you can pop in for a browse en-route.

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Let's face it, when you're throwing a BBQ, a green salad is usually the afterthought, but adding chicory to your salad is a good way to give it colour and a bit of that bitterness, perfectly complementing the smokey sweet barbecue flavours. The key is the vinagrette and we love this recipe from bon appétite

We've got the perfect salad bowls platters & tableware to artfully present your culinary creations

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