A breath of Spring air...

Embracing the new season.

When Spring rolls around, we're all longing for those lighter nights, and (slightly) sunnier days and how that first breath of spring evening air makes us feel. In nature, it is the beginning of the year, a re-emergence from a hibernation period with buds forming on trees and leaves turning green. The daffodils are well and truly out, tulips emerging from their leafy stems and most of us are starting to feel green fingered.

At Domestic Science, we think that Spring doesn't have to just be outside, we've curated a few Sunny (mostly yellow) homewares and tips on how to bring the joy of Spring indoors, as well as included our Garden Edit, for keen gardeners & those who have a longing for the outdoors.

Mustard Yellow Jug

Versatile and useful, this sunny jug from Falcon Enamelware is perfect for throwing in cut flowers to create a centrepiece, or adding fresh fruit & fizzy water for outdoor drinks parties.

Lemon Soap

Sit this fun Lemon shaped soap on your sink ledge, ready for washing muddy hands from the garden and enjoy the citrus, zingy scent!

Bobbin Mirror / Hay

Brighten up a hallway with this limited colourway Bobbin Mirror in the shade 'India Yellow' by Farrow & Ball. DS Founder Libs selected this colour for it's soft buttery quality. It would be versatile against many Spring pastel tones.

Lemon Squeezer

Perfect for making freshly squeezed lemonades with the kids, or a cocktail with friends. This lemon squeezer is a crowd pleaser and fun to get people involved. Also available in lime & orange colours.

Sunny Striped Cushion

The fantastic bolster shape cushions from Afroart work well outside, but can also be brought inside to instantly brighten up spaces. Once the days get warmer, take them out to a sunny terrace for ultimate outdoor relaxation.

Jute Placemats

A rustic and natural jute always brings an outdoor feeling to the home. These can be used to create a spring table, with a big flower bouquet in the center, pare them with blue Cornishware or Pearl White places for simplicity.

The Gardening Edit

Get outdoors...

 It's always worth stocking up on seed packets in the Spring, getting yourself ready to plan for garden bed planting or flowerpots if you're short on space. You'll thank yourself when you have cut flowers blooming throughout the summer!

We have curated a selection of seeds, pots and gardening tools in our Outdoor Living section on the website...

How To:

Paper Seedling Pots

For a sustainable alternative to seed pots, we've been loving growing our seeds in DIY seedling pots made from Newspaper. You can pop them straight into the ground once your seeds have sprouted as they are biodegradable.

What you will need:

  • Scissors 
  • Newspaper
  • Herboo Seed Packet  
  • Compost 
  • Small Jam Jar or Espresso Tumbler

Make your own...

  1. Cut strips of newspaper to fit the height of your jam jar plus an extra inch for folding.
  2. Using the jam jar as a guide, wrap the strips around thickly and fold over the top carefully to secure then remove the jar. 
  3. Create extra strips for the bottom and bring up the sides, carefully tucking them into the folded top edge to secure.
  4. Fill with compost and seeds of choice! 

 Or you can cheat with these amazing Paper Pot Makers

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