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Welcome back to our weekly segment, introducing you to our wonderful shop team. We have asked them a series of informal questions for you to get to know them better. Who are the faces behind Domestic Science? And to learn about the lovely people who you will be welcomed by, when you visit us.


You will mostly find Scarlett working in our Warehouse. Let's first chat to Scarlett about life outside of the DS...


What’s your home style? 

Colourful! Hopefully coherent too! It’s mostly filled with vintage and antiques found at flea markets and online auctions, with some contemporary bits chucked in the mix too. I love a combination of different textures, materials and fun colour combinations as well.

What are you enjoying at the moment? 

I’m really enjoying making many lists and jotting down ideas for future projects with my husband. I’m currently reading through a stash of 1950s-1970s renovation magazines that I found in our loft when we moved in. The photos are amazing and hugely inspiring. I’m also trying my hand at painting some lampshades (not hugely original, but strangely calming).

What are we most likely to find you doing, outside of Domestic Science? 

Mostly being a Mum to our two girls Olive and Bobbie. Faffing around with paint, interiors and slowly renovating our home when I have a moment (let’s be honest, this is not often!) I am trying to share more on social media too of our house and my colour journey too. 

Where’s your favourite place to go for dinner, lunch of coffee? 

Two little ones have stopped us eating out much, so I’d have to say picnics! I am really looking forward to having lots of friends over for BBQ’s in the garden this spring and summer too. 

Favourite time of the year? 

I usually like all the seasons, but they do sort of blur together now. I think this year I have truly had enough of Winter and am very much looking forward to some warm late Spring days when the hedgerows are bungee and you don’t have to hunt for scarves, hats, gloves etc every time you leave the house!

If you could live anywhere, where would it be? 

I really like living where I live now, I’d love to have some more dollar to make it exactly how we’d like it to be though. I would also *quite* like a house in Italy too. 

Sweet or Savoury? 


Any pets? If so, what breed and what is their name? 

We have chickens! Pearl the cockerel, Buttercup and Domino. We’re planning on getting some more in the Spring too. Olive and my husband Martyn really want to get a Siberian forest cat! I’m not sure however on that one, so we shall see! 

Jam or cream first on your scone? 

Cream! I think you just end up in a mess if you go jam first. BIG dollops of both are a must too, perhaps that explains the mess?!

DS related questions…

What does a typical day in Domestic Science look like for you? 

It varies a lot! I mostly produce all the lifestyle imagery for the marketing and web side of DS. I come up with concepts, gather props and stock and then create imagery for everyone in the marketing team to use. 

I also work in the shops doing some visual merchandising, again coming up with concepts for various product ranges. It’s a broad and creative role.

Playlist you are most likely to put on in the shop (or office/WH)? 

I never get a chance to listen to podcasts without many distractions at home so I always try and listen to a few episodes of my favourite podcasts when I’m shooting or editing. Mostly interior design related! 

Favourite DS shop?

I’m not sure I’m allowed a favourite?! I think probably Tetbury as that’s where I first worked though...

Go to drink in the shop? 

Well I’ll always have a decaf flat white from Cafe 53 if I’m in Tetbury, a herbal tea if I’m in Nailsworth and mostly, because I’m based in the warehouse, copious cups of tea! 

Favourite scent? 

I wear Bon Parfumeur Eau de Parfum 003 all the time. I love Plum and Ashby’s ‘Wild fig’ hand lotion and St Eval’s ‘Seasalt’ candles as well. 

What should people expect to find when visiting Domestic Science? 

A curated mix of contemporary and vintage products that work harmoniously together and that are displayed in a fun and eclectic way. There really is something for everyone! 

What sort of DS customer do you enjoy meeting? 

A much cooler than me young mum who is interested in interiors and picks out a beautifully curated collection of home bits! Haha! 

Do you have a favourite brand of product range?

I like Puebco a lot. I love the unusual kitsch bits and bobs Libs finds too. A comb that is also a pen, glass vintage birds etc. I am very excited for some particularly colourful towels that are coming soon for S/S 2023 as well. 

What is something you like about working for DS? 

The creative freedom I have, the variety of my role and of course all the lovely people I work with and get to collaborate with too. 

Contemporary or vintage? 

Always a mix of the two. With some handmade bits thrown in too! 

Thanks to Scarlett for chatting to us this week. Take a look at our full Meet the Team page to see more or read our story to learn more.

Let us know in the comments below what you think & in the meantime for daily Domestic Science updates follow us on Instagram Facebook @domesticsciencehome 

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