Meet Meg / Domestic Science Team

Welcome back to our weekly segment, introducing you to our wonderful shop team. We have asked them a series of informal questions for you to get to know them better. Who are the faces behind Domestic Science? And to learn about the lovely people who you will be welcomed by, when you visit us.


You will mostly find Meg working in our Tetbury store, welcoming you with her bubbly presence. Let's first chat to Meg about life outside of the DS...

Q: What's your homestyle?
A: My dream home would be Scandinavian or Mediterranean Inspired.
Q:  What are we most likely to find you doing outside of DS? 
A:  Seeing friends, drawing illustrations and going out for coffee.
Q: Where’s your favourite place to go for lunch, dinner or coffee? 
A: Dinner - Stable, Falmouth. Lunch - Thistledown. Coffee - Cafe 53.
Q: Favourite time of year? 
A:  Summer.
Q: If you could live anywhere where would it be? 
A:  Canada.
Q: Jam or cream first on your scone? 
A:  CREAM! (Anything other than this answer is wrong.)
Tell us about life in the shop.... 
Q: Favourite brands or products in the shop? 
Q: Go to playlist in the shop... 
A: Khruangbin radio.
Q: Contemporary or vintage? 
A:  Contemporary.
Q: Favourite DS shop? 
A:  Tetbury.
Q: Go to drink or snack in the shop? 
A:  Oat Cappuccino, Diet Coke and Crudités  
Q: Favourite scent? 
Q: What sort of customer do you enjoy meeting?
A:  All of them! The celebrity spots too.
Q: What should people expect to find when visiting DS? 
A:  A little bit of everything, with a mix of old and new to create unique, stylised shops.
Thanks to Meg for chatting to us this week. Take a look at our full Meet the Team page to see more or read our story to learn more.

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