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Welcome back to our weekly segment, introducing you to our wonderful shop team. We have asked them a series of informal questions for you to get to know them better. Who are the faces behind Domestic Science? And to learn about the lovely people who you will be welcomed by, when you visit us.


Krissy was one of our first employees at our Stow-on-the-Wold shop in Gloucestershire. You will find her mostly in Stow. First let's chat to Krissy about life outside of Domestic Science.

Q: What's your homestyle? 
A: Modern Rustic.

Q: What are we most likely to find you doing, outside of Domestic Science?
A: Allotment or gardening, cleaning - chores! Walking cooking, recently I've been enjoying cooking middle eastern food.

Q: Where's your favourite place to go for dinner, lunch or coffee?
A: Japanese - Nobu!

Q: Favourite time of the year?
A: May / June.

Q: If you could live anywhere where would it be?
A: Italy / Spain / France.

Q: Any pet's? 
A: Sadly no pets - But one day a dog - Fox Lab Vizla.

Q: Jam or cream first on your scone?
A: Jam.

Tell us about life in the shop...

Q: Favourite brand or product range?
A: St Eval and Dr Hauschka.

Q: Contemporary or vintage?
A: Both - put together right - perfect.

Q: What sort of customers do you enjoy meeting?
A: It's nice when you build up a relationship with returning customers.

Q: Playlist you are most likely to put on in the shop...
A: Relaxed, chilled - one most people will like.

Q: Go to drink or snack in the shop?
A: The Liquorice sweets: Lakrids by Bulow.

Q: Favourite scent?
A: St Eval Bay & Rosemary, 003 & 007 Bon Parfumeur.

Q: What are you likely to find when visiting the shop?
A: Something for everyone - hopefully enjoyment in browsing. Inspiration for your home. Inspiration for gifts for friends and family. Things old and new that are hard to find in high street shops.

Thanks to Krissy for chatting to us this week. Take a look at our full Meet the Team page to see more or read our story to learn more.
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