Meet Serena / The Domestic Science Team

Welcome back to our weekly segment, introducing you to our wonderful shop team. We have asked them a series of informal questions for you to get to know them better. Who are the faces behind Domestic Science? And to learn about the lovely people who you will be welcomed by, when you visit us.



Q: What's your home style?
A: I live in a cottage built in the 1700s so cosy cottage/ Country Living style. With a mix of natural materials - Love Farrow and Ball paints... often painting to change the feel.

Q: What are you enjoying at the moment?
A: Listening to the podcast Feel Better, Live More by Dr Rangan Chatterjee. Reading Eat to Beat Disease by Dr William Li. The Wild Remedy by Emma Mitchell. 

Fiction: Anything by Sarah Moss.

During the summer I was enjoying making Cheese Scones with wild garlic and gathering elderflower to make cordial.

Q: Where's your favourite place to go for dinner, lunch or coffee?
A: for coffee is Henry's in Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire because they use organic milk. or Hobbs because they have extract coffee.

Q: What are we most likely to find you doing outside of Domestic Science?
A: Gardening - Levelling land, digging, planting. Walking, hill climbing, exploring the countryside. Foraging with Noah (Serena's son). Calligraphy. In the Winter snuggling up with a book and baking treats. 

Q: Jam or Cream first on your scone?
A: Jam - The Cornish Way! In Devon they put the cream first.

Q: Any pets?
A: No not since our lovely chickens got taken by the fox!

Let's talk about your time in the shop....

Q: Do you have a favourite brand or product range?
A: Inis, Cambridge Imprint, Harmony Linen, IB & Maileg

Q: Playlist you are most likely to put on in the shop?
A: Chloe and I have reggae 'happy' Thursdays. I like mellow background music, Jack Johnson, Mogli, Norah Jones.

Q: Favourite DS Shop? 
A: Nailsworth

Q: Go to drink or snack in the shop?
 A: Coffee made at home with freshly ground beans - Morning ritual. And a banana mid morning. Pukka Herbal Tea in the afternoon.

Q: Favourite scent?
A: In the shop and St Eval Thyme & Mint or Bay & Rosemary. 

Q: What should people expect to find when visiting DS?
A: A friendly welcome, variety, lots of nostalgia, a mix of old and new.

Q: What sort of DS Customers do you enjoy meeting?
A: Those who have lots of enthusiasm for the shop.

Q: Contemporary or Vintage?
A: Both

Thanks Serena for chatting to us about yourself and life in the shop. Take a look at our Meet the Team page to see the rest of our team.

Let us know in the comments below what you think. 
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