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Article White Candle Kruger Couger - Domestic Science LTD

Article White Candle Kruger Couger

Article White Candle Kruger Couger



Scented candle in 'Kruger Couger' by Article White.

The decadence of the 1980’s realised in brazen florals, think Guerlain, Anais Anais and the exquisite taste of Vintage Krug champagne, the painted veneer of layered lipstick and the whisps of fine tobacco designed to add a little husk.

Exquisitely hand-poured in their own London studio, article white draws upon modern cultural references to paint an olfactory alphabet in high-intensity optical colour.

Cheri moved around the sumptuous white dcor wearing vintage Halston, maroon lips revealing satellite white veneers. Nibbling a Persian date, she (ahem) waited for her date.

Avg. burn time 40 - 45 hours