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Article White Candle Blood Orange - Domestic Science LTD

Article White Candle Blood Orange

Article White Candle Blood Orange



Scented candle in Blood Orange by Article White. Ginger nutmeg, cardamom and lime create a peppery finish to this intensely rich elixir.

Exquisitely hand-poured in their own London studio, Article White draws upon modern cultural references to paint an olfactory alphabet in high-intensity optical colour.

Divine Fruit… an exploration of the infamous Diospyros brood fused with the ripest blood orange. Tiki congratulated himself with a sip of his creation. “I must tweet this immediately” as the intensity flooded his palette. Tiki savoured the taste for a minute and lit a Dunhill cigarette. His shoulders dropped a ¼ and ease moved down the muscles of his face.

Avg. burn time 40 - 45 hours