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Domestic Science Home and Vintage Shop Libs Lewis   


Housed in an old Textile Mill in Nailsworth and a multi-storey Georgian townhouse in Tetbury, Gloucestershire, our two mini department stores are filled to the brim with a fascinating mix of contemporary and vintage items handpicked from far-flung corners of the globe to inspire and delight. 

Off-beat and unique; a one stop shop where everyone is welcome - both with child and dog-friendly courtyard cafes which sell great coffee. 


Our Story...

Since I was a child I have always loved collecting and I am still a magpie at heart. Domestic Science was a progression from selling antique and interior pieces in a shared space with two friends for over a decade, preceded by co running a house clearance/vintage shop from 1984 at the tender age of 21. That was back in the day – those kind of shops are few and far between now. If I find one on my travels, I still love a good rummage.


'Wherever I am in the world, I seem to find things to sell in our shop.  I always hope that they'll leave customers feeling happy and inspired'


Jumping forward to 2011, a large retail space became vacant in a family owned mill in my hometown of Nailsworth. My husband suggested that I moved in and put into practice my pipe dream of selling new products alongside the old. The space was wonderfully rambling and lent itself perfectly to a Home and Vintage store.

I jumped at the chance and began sourcing and curating a collection whilst a team of builders, electricians, plasterers and painters worked their magic, the result was Domestic Science. A second store followed in Tetbury a few years later.

Domestic Science has an extremely diverse offering - the common thread being that I pick each product because I like it.

Although keeping up with an ever-changing world, nostalgia is an important element at Domestic Science. We sell many things that evoke happy childhood memories for our customers, be it a toy or household item.  Although we love a classic, we also do cosy and some say cool.

Everything we sell is aesthetically pleasing (at least it is to me!) and usually useful, even if, in the words of Marie Kondo, its sole purpose is to spark joy!


Libs Lewis
Owner - Domestic Science