Stocking Fillers For Kids

This week we channelled our inner child (it wasn't very hard) and put to test some favourites from our toy department, all in aid of curating this weeks gift guide - Stocking Fillers, because sometimes Santa appreciates a little help from his friends at Domestic Science.

Tin UFO Flying Saucer

Tin Toys

Whether its wind up scurrying mice or flying UFO's we love how much joy these charming, traditional toys bring to children and adults.  

Snow Globes

Snow Globes

From traditional to a touch of Kitsch, gently shake to mix the snow and watch as it falls over the miniature figures inside - a magical, pocket sized winter wonderland.

Gymnasic Rainbow Ribbon

Designed to inspire some performative swirling, twirling, dancing and even spellbinding. This silky rainbow ribbon is the perfect gift to encourage some movement and play for children whether indoors or out

Knitted baby dog

Knitted Animals

A Spotted dog with a bow tie, a fuzzy maned koala, a baby rabbit in a nappy - bringing the very cute factor to the kinders Christmas Stockings this year are these lovely knitted baby animal toys, each come with a detachable loop they can be attached to a bag or hung in a bedroom 

Original Tin Kazoo

Fun, whimsical and simple to play, the original tin musical kazoo. Create your very own house kazoo band, or invent a music game by playing 'name that song' kazoo style.

Paper Streamer

Kids will delight in flinging these paper colourful streamers on a stick, they can play 'laser' tag or simply marvel as the paper spirals in and out. 

card games

Card Games

And finally, no stocking would be complete without a pack of cards, we've quite the variety on offer to encourage some thoughtful play, from playing cards for foragers, to mind twisting cards of optical illusions or for budding artists have a go at guessing the famous artwork with a box of 'who painted these pictures'.



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